Oct 28, 2017

TOEFL vocabulary: Jargon-Junction (Part II) 3 of 9

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    • 226. Jargon
      J. A. R. G. O. N. — Terminology. Technical language. Lingo.
      Note how the word is used in this sentence.
      ⇢      I don’t like reading that text book because it contains too much scientific jargon.

      • 227. Jaded
        J. A. D. E. D. — Cynical. Tired.
        The antonym for jaded is fresh.
        Listen to its usage in this sentence.
        ⇢      After working in the prison system for many years he became jaded about the rights of criminals.

        • 228. Jeopardy
          J. E. O. P. A. R. D. Y. — Danger. Risk. Trouble.
          The antonym for jeopardy is safety or protection.
          Note how the word is used in this sentence.
          ⇢      You are putting your life in jeopardy if you drive without wearing a seatbelt.

          • 229. Jettison
            J. E. T. T. I. S. O. N. — Throw away. Get rid of.
            The antonym for jettisoning something is keeping something.
            The following sentence illustrates its usage.
            ⇢      The plane had to jettison the rest of its fuel in order to safely land.

            • 230. Jocular
              J. O. C. U. L. A. R. — Humorous. Jovial. Playful.
              The antonym for jocular is serious.
              For example.
              ⇢      His jocular manner always makes me laugh.

              • 231. Judiciously
                J. E. U. D. I. C. I. O. U. S. L. Y. — Sensibly. Prudently. Carefully.
                The antonym for judiciously is stupidly.
                Listen to its usage in the sentence.
                ⇢      She applied sunscreen judiciously before going out to the beach.

                • 232. Junction
                  J. U. N. C. T. I. O. N. — Intersection. Connection.
                  Note how the word is used in this sentence.
                  ⇢      The driver turned left at the junction of the two highways.

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