Oct 28, 2017

TOEFL vocabulary: Kaleidoscope-Knotty (Part II) 4 of 9

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    • 233. Kaleidoscope
      K. A. L. E. I. D. O. S. C. O. P. E. — This word has two meanings.
      1. A kaleidoscope can be a noun meaning optical toy.
      For example.
      ⇢      The child was delighted by looking into the kaleidoscope.

      2. Kaleidoscope can also mean a complex scene or pattern.
      For example.
      ⇢      There is a kaleidoscope of options for new graduates with computer skills.

      • 234. Ken
        K. E. N. — Knowledge. Understanding. Awareness.
        Note how the word is used in this sentence.
        ⇢      She is a great ken for decorating.

        • 235. Knavery
          K. N. A. V. E. R. Y. — Cunning behavior.
          For example.
          ⇢      Robin Hood was known for his knavery and generosity.

          • 236. Knead
            K. N. E. A. D. — Massage. Press. Mold.
            Listen to its usage in this sentence.
            ⇢      The Baker kneaded the dough before shaping it into roles.

            • 237. Knotty
              K. N. O. T. T. Y. — Difficult. Tricky. Problematic.
              The antonym for knotty is simple.
              ⇢      Although the project was sometimes knotty the results made the process worthwhile.

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