Oct 28, 2017

TOEFL vocabulary: Quaff-Quota (Part III) 1 of 9

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  • Introduction

    Welcome to TOEFL Vocabulary AudioLearn. This course is designed to help improve your TOEFL score by familiarizing you with the most common words that appear on the test. In this course, each vocabulary word will be pronounced and then  . . . 
    spelled for you. Next, you will hear two or three synonyms for the vocabulary word. A synonym is a word with a similar meaning. For example. ‘Test’ is a synonym for ‘exam’. After the synonym, you will hear an antonym for that word. And the antonym is a word with an opposite meaning. For example. ‘Love’ is an antonym for ‘hate’. If an antonym has not given that means the word is not having an antonym. Finally, you will hear the vocabulary word used in a sentence. Listen carefully for the word as it is used in context. It may be slightly varied from its original usage. For example, if the vocabulary word is ‘love’ you might hear ‘He loves to get gifts.’ or ‘She loved chocolate cake.’ The words are arranged in alphabetical order. For words with multiple meanings the most common total usage is provided for you. In cases where two meanings are common both meanings are given. Let’s get started.

    • 356. Quaff
      Q. U. A. F. F. — Drink. Guzzle.
      The following sentence illustrates its usage.
      ⇢      He quaffed his beer and then ask for another.

      • 357. Quandary
        Q. U. A. N. D. A. R. Y. — Dilemma. Difficulty.
        Listen to its usage in this sentence.
        ⇢      She was in a quandary as to what course of action she should take.

        • 358. Quarantine
          Q. U. A. R. A. N. T. I. N. E. — Isolation to prevent the spread of disease.
          Note how the word is used in this sentence.
          ⇢      The patient was put into quarantine in order to control the spread of the disease.

          • 359. Quell
            Q. U. E. L. L. — Suppress. Subdue. Crush.
            The antonym for quell is to incite.
            For example.
            ⇢      The police were able to quell the riots before anyone got hurt.

            • 360. Query
              Q. U. E. R. Y. — Question or inquire.
              Listen to its usage in the following sentence.
              ⇢      People who are interested in applying should query at the front desk.

              • 361. Quest
                Q. U. E. S. T. — Search. Hunt.
                The following sentence illustrates its usage.
                ⇢      They set off on a quest for the lost city.

                • 362. Quota
                  Q. U. O. T. A. — Allowance. Share. Ration.
                  Note how the word is used in this sentence.
                  ⇢      The salesman was happy because he met his quota of five cars per week after only one day of work.

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