Nov 10, 2016

UNIT 20 • (I’m) going to (do)

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  • Answer the questions. You are going to do all these things but you haven’t done them yet. Use ‘going to’ and the word(s) in brackets.
    • Have you cleaned the car?
      Not yet. (tomorrow)

      • Have you phoned Sally?
        Not yet. (later)

        • Have you done the shopping?
          Not yet. (this afternoon)

          • Have you read the paper?
            Not (after dinner)

            • Have you had dinner?

            • Write a question with ‘going to’ for each situation.
              • Your friend has won some money.
                You ask:

                what / do with it?

                • Your friend is going to a party tonight.
                  You ask:

                  what / wear?

                  • Your friend has just bought a new table.
                    You ask:

                    where / put it?

                    • Your friend has decided to have a party.
                      You ask:

                      who / invite?

                    • Read the situations and complete the dialogues. Use ‘going to’.
                      • You have decided to write some letters this evening.
                        Friend:       Are you going out this evening?
                        You:       No,

                        • You are a smoker but you have decided to give it up soon.
                          Friend:       Smoking is very bad for you.
                          You:       I know.

                          • You have been offered a job but you have decided not to take it.
                            Friend:       I hear you’ve been offered a job.
                            You:       That’s right, but

                            • You are in a restaurant. The food is awful and you’ve decided to complain.
                              Friend:       This food is awful, isn’t it?
                              You:       Yes, it’s disgusting

                            • What is going to happen in these situations? Use the words in brackets.
                              • There are a lot of black clouds in the sky.

                                • It is 8.30. Jack is leaving his house. He has to be at work at 8.45 but the journey takes 30 minutes.
                                  He (late)

                                  • There is a hole in the bottom of the boat. A lot of water is coming in through the hole.
                                    The boat (sink)

                                    • Emma is driving. There is very little petrol left in the tank. The nearest petrol station is a long way away.
                                      She (run out)

                                    • Complete the sentences with ‘was’, ‘were going to …’ + one of these verbs:

                                      give up       ○      have       ○      phone       ○      play       ○      travel
                                      • We by train but then we decided to go by car instead.
                                        We tennis yesterday but it rained all day.
                                        I Jim, but I decided to write him a letter instead.
                                        When I last saw Tim, he his job but in the end he decided not to.
                                        We a party last week but some of our friends couldn’t come, so we cancelled it.

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