Nov 10, 2016

UNIT 21 • Will / shall (1)

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  • Complete the sentences with ‘I’ll …’ + a suitable verb.

    get       ○      go       ○      turn       ○      teach       ○      stay       ○      give       ○      send       ○      have       ○      do
    • I’m too tired to walk home. I think a taxi.
      ‘It’s a bit cold in this room.’ ~ ‘Is It? on the heating then.’
      ‘We haven’t got any milk.’ ~ ‘Oh, haven’t we? and get some.’
      ‘Do you want me to do the washing-up?’ ~ ‘No, it’s all right. it.’
      ‘I don’t know how to use this computer.’ ~ ‘OK, you.’
      ‘Would you like tea or coffee?’ ~ ‘ coffee, please.’
      ‘Goodbye! Have a nice holiday.’ ~ ‘Thanks. you a postcard.’
      Thank you for lending me your camera. it back to you on Monday, OK?
      ‘Are you coming with us?’ ~ ‘No, I think here.’

    • Read the situations and write sentences with “I think I’ll …’ or ‘I don’t think I’ll …’.
      • It’s a bit cold. You decide to close the window.
        You say:
        I think

        • You are feeling tired and it’s quite late. You decide to go to bed.
          You say:
          I think

          • A friend of yours offers you a lift in his car but you decide to walk.
            You say:
            Thank you but

            • You arranged to play tennis today. Now you decide that you don’t want to play.
              You say:
              I don’t think

              • You were going to go swimming. Now you decide that you don’t want to go.
                You say:

              • Which is correct? (If necessary, study UNITS 19–20 first.)
                • ‘Did you phone Ruth?’ ~ ‘Oh no, I forgot.  . . . 
                  I’ll phone
                  her now.’
                  • I phone
                  • I’ll phone

                • I can’t meet you tomorrow afternoon.  . . . 
                  I’m playing
                  • I’m playing
                  • I’ll play

                •  . . . 
                  I’ll meet
                  you outside the hotel in half an hour, OK?’ ~ ‘Yes, that’s fine.’
                  • I meet
                  • I’ll meet

                • ‘I need some money.’ ~ ‘OK,  . . . 
                  I’ll lend
                  you some. How much do you need?’
                  • I’m lending
                  • I’ll lend

                •  . . . 
                  I’m having
                  a party next Saturday. I hope you can come.
                  • I’m having
                  • I’ll have

                • ‘Remember to buy a newspaper when you go out.’ ~ ‘OK.  . . . 
                  I won’t forget
                  • I don’t forget
                  • I won’t forget

                • What time  . . . 
                  does your train leave
                  • does your train leave
                  • will your train leave

                • I asked Sue what happened but she  . . . 
                  won’t tell
                  • doesn’t tell
                  • won’t tell

                •  . . . 
                  Are you doing
                  anything tomorrow evening?’ ~ ‘No, I’m free. Why?’
                  • Are you doing
                  • Will you do

                • I don’t want to go out alone.  . . . 
                  Will you come
                  with me?
                  • Do you come
                  • Will you come

                • It’s a secret between us. I promise  . . . 
                  I won’t tell
                  • I don’t tell
                  • I won’t tell

              • What do you say in these situations? Write sentences with ‘shall I …?’ or ‘shall we …?’.
                • You and a friend want to do something this evening but you don’t know what.
                  You ask your friend:

                  • You try on a jacket in a shop. You are not sure whether to buy it or not.
                    You ask a friend for advice.

                    • It’s Ann’s birthday next week. You want to give her a present but you don’t know what.
                      You ask a friend for advice.

                      • You and a friend are going on holiday together but you haven’t decided where.
                        You ask him / her.

                        • You and a friend are going out. You haven’t decided whether to go by car or to walk.
                          You ask him / her.

                          • Your friend wants you to phone later. You don’t know what time to phone.
                            You ask him/her.

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