Jan 28, 2017

UNIT 28: Essential English Words (Book 1)

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  • Learn the following target words.

    band n.
    A band is a group of people who play music.
    My brother is in a rock band.

    barely adv.
    Barely means by the smallest amount, almost not.
    I barely had enough money to pay for my bus ticket.

    boring adj.
    If something is boring, it is not fun.
    I think the Internet is boring.

    cancel v.
    To cancel means to decide that an event or a request will not happen.
    She cancelled the rest of her plans because of the rain.

    driveway n.
    A driveway is a short private road that leads to a person’s home.
    The long driveway led us to their new house.

    garbage n.
    Garbage is waste material like unwanted or spoiled food, bottles, paper, etc.
    The boy cleaned up the garbage around his house.

    instrument n.
    An instrument is something designed to do a certain task like music.
    My favorite musical instrument is the piano.

    list n.
    A list is a record of information printed with an item on each line.
    My mom makes a list of groceries to buy.

    magic n.
    Magic is the power to do impossible things.
    The magician used magic to pull a rabbit out of his hat.

    message n.
    A message is a set of words that you send to someone.
    I left a message for you in the envelope.

    notice v.
    To notice something is to see it for the first time.
    Did you notice the view?

    own v.
    To own something means to have it. That thing belongs to you.
    My grandfather owns that house.

    predict v.
    To predict something is to say that it will happen.
    She predicted that I would get married next year.

    professor n.
    A professor is a person who teaches in college.
    Mike’s science professor knows a lot about physics.

    rush v.
    To rush is to go somewhere or do something very quickly.
    Nancy rushed to finish her homework.

    schedule n.
    A schedule is a plan that tells you when to do things.
    What is your class schedule for today?

    share v.
    To share something is to give some of it to another person.
    Jimmy shared his apple with me.

    stage n.
    A stage is a place where actors or musicians act or sing.
    A large screen was on the stage.

    storm n.
    A storm is very bad weather. There is a lot of rain or snow.
    Did that storm wake you up last night?

    within prep.
    You use within to say that something is inside another thing.
    Within the box, there was a pizza.
    • Fill in the blanks with the correct words from the word bank.


      list       ○      professor       ○      band       ○      barely       ○      schedule       ○      predict       ○      message       ○      boring       ○      rush       ○      garbage
      • Do you have time in your to come over this week?

        • If I am not home when you call, just leave a

          • If you wake up early, you don’t need to to get to school.

            • I made a of things I want for my birthday.

              • I think that this TV show is Let’s watch something else.

                • Have you ever heard this I really like its music.

                  • There was a lot of in his closet.

                    • I that tomorrow will be a good day.

                      • I could hear his speech because of all the noise.

                        • If you don’t understand the class, you should ask your for help.

                        • Choose two words that are related in each group.
                            • bite

                            • schedule

                          • magic
                            • tour
                            • trip

                            • band

                          • cancel
                            • notice
                            • see

                        • Choose the answer that suits the blank naturally.
                          • I don’t like this show.  . . . 
                            It is very boring
                            • It is very boring
                            • It is a long list

                          • A treasure appeared in the middle of the room.  . . . 
                            It was magic
                            • It was magic
                            • It owned us

                          • I have many things to do today.  . . . 
                            My schedule is full
                            • I can share with you
                            • My schedule is full

                          • The man read the weather report.  . . . 
                            He predicted rain
                            • He predicted rain
                            • He rushed through the building

                          • When the play started,  . . . 
                            the actors walked onto the stage
                            • there were no people within the room
                            • the actors walked onto the stage

                        • Read the story aloud. Pay attention to the bolded words.

                          The Party

                          Cody’s family moved to a new house. His dad got a new job as a professor. Cody liked his new town, but he missed his grandparents. For his birthday, Cody wanted to have a party. His dad said, “Yes, we could even have a band play!” On the day of the party, Cody woke up and rushed to get ready. He started to check his list of things to do. He was so excited! But then he noticed something terrible. There was snow on the ground and lots of it! “Dad!” he yelled. “How can the band play their instruments outside?”

                          Dad said, “We’ll move the stage inside.” It barely fit within the garage because there were some boxes and garbage there. But when they finished, they got a call from the band. They did not want to come in the snow storm.

                          Dad said, “Let’s get someone to perform magic.” But no one would come because of the snow.

                          Finally, Dad said, “Cody, there’s too much snow. We need to cancel the party.” “Yes, sir,” Cody said sadly. “It’s going to be a boring birthday,” he predicted. Cody wanted to share his birthday with someone. He wanted to be at his old home. He wanted to see his grandparents.

                          But then something got his attention. He noticed a car in the driveway. His grandparents owned a car like that!

                          Cody was right. His grandparents came for his birthday! “Happy birthday, Cody! We’re sorry we are late. But there was so much snow. It made us go off schedule. We tried to leave a message to tell you.”

                          Cody told them what happened. “I’m sorry,” said Grandpa.

                          “I was sad,” Cody said. “But I’m not anymore. I’m so happy to see you.” Dad brought out Cody’s birthday treat. It was his favorite type, a sundae with whipped cream on top. Then Cody told his grandparents about the new town. It was his best birthday ever.
                          • Reading comprehension. Asses your understanding of the story by answering the questions below.
                            • What gets Cody’s attention?
                              • The car his grandparents own
                              • His dad calling him “sir”
                              • That nothing is happening on schedule
                              • The stage within the garage

                            • What does Cody’s dad do as a job?
                              • His dad does magic shows.
                              • His dad owns a restaurant.
                              • His dad is a professor.
                              • His dad is in a band.

                            • What does Cody predict will happen?
                              • He will have a boring birthday.
                              • He will have to rush to get ready for the party.
                              • He will eat ice cream.
                              • No one will notice the snow storm.

                            • What does Cody want for his birthday?
                              • Someone to share it with
                              • A musical instrument
                              • Everything on his list
                              • A stage to play music on

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