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UNIT 29: Essential English Words (Book 1)

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  • Learn the following target words.

    advertise v.
    To advertise is to tell people about something on TV, radio, etc.
    They used a rabbit to help them advertise their product.

    assign v.
    To assign something to someone is to tell them to do it.
    I assigned the worker an important task.

    audience n.
    An audience is a group of people who watch something together.
    There was a large audience at the game.

    breakfast n.
    Breakfast is the first meal of the day.
    I eat breakfast at 8:00 every morning.

    competition n.
    A competition is a contest to see who is the best at something.
    He won the running competition over the weekend.

    cool adj.
    If the weather is cool, it is a little bit cold.
    The weather is cool in the fall.

    gain v.
    If you gain something, you get more of it.
    I gained some weight over the summer.

    importance n.
    Importance means the quality or condition of being needed or valued.
    VIPs are people of great importance.

    knowledge n.
    Knowledge is information that you have about something.
    A music teacher should have good knowledge of music.

    major adj.
    If something is major, it is big or important.
    I have a major problem. My boss wants me to redo my project!

    mean adj.
    Mean describes someone who is unkind or cruel.
    My co-worker is a very mean person. He gets angry very quickly.

    prefer v.
    If you prefer something, you want it more than something else.
    I prefer to take the path that will lead me to a bright future.

    president n.
    A president is the leader of a country.
    The president of our country made an important announcement.

    progress n.
    Progress is the act of getting closer to doing or finishing something.
    Our company made financial progress this year.

    respect n.
    Respect is a good opinion of someone because they are good.
    I have great respect for firemen.

    rich adj.
    If you are rich, you have a lot of money.
    He’s rich. He can buy anything he wants.

    skill n.
    A skill is the knowledge and ability that allows you to do something well.
    A snowboarder must have the right skills to do well.

    somehow adv.
    Somehow means in a way or by some means which is not known.
    He somehow had to find a way to reach the life preserver.

    strength n.
    Strength is the physical power that you have.
    Exercising will increase your strength and give you more power.

    vote v.
    To vote is to officially choose between two or more things.
    I voted for Billy to be our class president.
    • Choose the right definition for the given word.
      • assign
        • to tell someone to do something
        • give
        • to want more
        • having a lot of money

      • competition
        • something you can do
        • a leader
        • a reason for something
        • a game to find the best

      • mean
        • not short
        • not kind
        • to get more
        • big or important

      • audience
        • the first meal of the day
        • having a lot of money
        • not hard
        • a group of people watching something

      • knowledge
        • a good feeling about someone
        • what a person knows
        • something that you can do
        • to become better

      • gain
        • important
        • to want more than something else
        • to tell about
        • to get more

      • skill
        • what you know
        • to think someone is good
        • the ability to do something well
        • power

      • breakfast
        • the first meal of the day
        • having a lot of money
        • the reason for something
        • power

      • somehow
        • to change something
        • unkind or unpleasant
        • slightly cold
        • in a way not known

      • president
        • to tell people what to do
        • a little bit cold
        • to change other things
        • the leader of a country

    • Fill in the blanks with the correct words from the word bank.


      major       ○      advertise       ○      vote       ○      competition       ○      skills
      • His skiing are great! He can be a professional.

        • If you something widely, everyone will know about it.

          • If you have a problem, you might need more help.

            • Next month, our country will for a new president.

              • I want to be in the to show that I am the best.

              • Choose the answer that suits the blank naturally.
                • He works on his project every day.  . . . 
                  He’s making a lot of progress
                  • He’s making a lot of progress
                  • He assigned it to me

                • She always does the right thing.  . . . 
                  I have a lot of respect for her
                  • This makes her rich
                  • I have a lot of respect for her

                • I’m hungry because  . . . 
                  I didn’t eat breakfast
                  • I don’t have much knowledge
                  • I didn’t eat breakfast

                • I’m reading a science book.  . . . 
                  I want to gain some new information
                  • I want to gain some new information
                  • I want to be in the audience

                • I have milk and water.  . . . 
                  Which one do you prefer
                  • Do you want a president
                  • Which one do you prefer

              • Read the story aloud. Pay attention to the bolded words.

                How the World Got Light

                The president of Darkland was a pig‚ a very bad pig. He was a pig of major importance. He was rich, and he had a lot of strength. But he was mean to all the animals in Darkland. He kept all of the world’s light in a bag. He preferred to keep the world cool and dark. He wanted to stop the progress of the city. The animals couldn’t work in the dark. He didn’t have any respect for them. “Light is too good for them,” he said. “Only I should have light.”

                But the animals needed light. So they decided to hold a competition. They wanted to find the smartest animal in Darkland. That animal had to steal light from the president. They advertised the competition everywhere. All the animals came.

                The animals all showed off their skills. The audience watched and then voted for the animal with the most knowledge. The winner was a tall bird named Raven. They assigned him the job of getting light.

                The next morning, Raven ate breakfast and then left his home. “How will I gain light from the president?” thought Raven. He needed to trick the president somehow. Then, Raven had an idea. Raven could make his voice sound like anything!

                Raven walked up to the president’s door. He made the sound of a crying baby. He cried very loudly. Soon, the president opened the door.

                “Be quiet!” the president yelled. Right then, Raven quickly made his move. He flew by the pig and found the soft bag. He took it outside. The sun was inside the flew high and put the sun in the sky. The president was very mad. Raven animals were very happy. At last, they had light‚ all thinking.
                • Reading comprehension. Asses your understanding of the story by answering the questions below.
                  • What is NOT true of the president?
                    • He became very angry at Raven.
                    • He did not like the animals of Darkland.
                    • He found a baby outside his house.
                    • He kept the sun in a soft bag.

                  • How did Raven steal the sun?
                    • He used his strength to fight the president for it.
                    • He advertised a major competition and won it.
                    • He used his knowledge of the area to find it.
                    • He made a sound like a baby to make the pig open the door.

                  • Why did the pig hide the sun?
                    • To bring an audience to see his big house
                    • To let the people assign a job to Raven
                    • To stop progress
                    • To prevent the animals from voting

                  • What is this story about?
                    • A rich president who helped the world stay cool
                    • How a big, tall bird gave light to the world
                    • How a competition helped animals gain skills
                    • The importance of gaining the president’s respect

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