Nov 10, 2016

UNIT 29 • May and might (1)

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, 30 answers
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  • Write these sentences in a different way using ‘may’ or ‘might’.
    • Perhaps Margaret is in her office.

      • Perhaps Margaret is busy.

        • Perhaps she is working.

          • Perhaps she wants to be alone.

            • Perhaps she was ill yesterday.

              • Perhaps she went home early.

                • Perhaps she had to go home early.

                  • Perhaps she was working yesterday.

                    • Perhaps she doesn’t want to see me.
                      (might not)

                      • Perhaps she isn’t working today.
                        (may not)

                        • Perhaps she wasn’t feeling well yesterday.
                          (might not)

                        • Complete the sentences with a verb in the correct form.
                          • ‘Where’s Bob?’ ~ ‘I’m not sure. He might lunch.’
                            ‘Who is that man with Ann?’ ~ ‘I’m not sure. It might her brother.’
                            ‘Who was the man we saw with Ann yesterday?’ ~ ‘I’m not sure. It might her brother.’
                            ‘Why are those people waiting in the street?’ ~ ‘I don’t know. They might for a bus.’
                            ‘Shall I buy this book for Tim?’ ‘You’d better not. He might already it.’

                          • Read the situations and make sentences from the words in brackets. Use ‘may’ or ‘might’.
                            • I can’t find George anywhere. I wonder where he is.
                              a. (he / may / go / shopping)
                              b. (he / might / play / tennis)

                              • I’m looking for Helen. Do you know where she is?
                                a. (she might / watch / TV / in her room)
                                b. (she may / go / out)

                                • I can’t find my umbrella. Have you seen it?
                                  a. (it may/ be / in / car)
                                  b. (you might / leave / in / restaurant / last night)

                                  • Why didn’t Tom answer the doorbell? I’m sure he was in the house at the time.
                                    a. (he may / be / in / bath)
                                    b. (he might / not / hear / bell)

                                  • Complete the sentences using ‘might not’ or ‘couldn’t’.
                                    • A: Do you think she saw you?
                                      B: No, she was too far away.

                                      • A: I wonder why she didn’t say hello. Perhaps she didn’t see me.
                                        B: That’s possible.

                                        • A: I wonder why Ann didn’t come to the party. Perhaps she wasn’t invited.
                                          B: Yes, it’s possible. She

                                          • A: Tom loves parties. I’m sure he would have come to the party if he’d been invited.
                                            B: I agree. He

                                            • A: I wonder how the fire started. Do you think it was an accident?
                                              B: No, the police say it

                                              • A: How did the fire start? I suppose it was an accident.
                                                B: Well, the police aren’t sure. They say it

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