Nov 10, 2016

UNIT 30 • May and might (2)

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  • Write sentences with ‘may’ or ‘might’.
    • Where are you going for your holidays?
      I haven’t decided yet. I (may / Ireland)

      • What sort of car are you going to buy?
        I’m not sure yet. I (might / Mercedes)

        • What are you doing this weekend?
          I haven’t decided yet. (may / go / London)

          • Where are you going to hang that picture?
            I haven’t made up my mind yet. (might / dining room)

            • When is Tom coming to see us?
              I don’t know yet. (may / Saturday)

              • What is Julia going to do when she leaves school?
                She hasn’t decided yet. (might / go to university)

              • Complete the sentences using ‘might …’ + one of these verbs:

                bite       ○      break       ○      need       ○      rain       ○      slip       ○      wake
                • Take an umbrella with you when you go out. It later.
                  Don’t make too much noise. You the baby.
                  Be careful of that dog. It you.
                  I don’t think we should throw that letter away. We it later.
                  Be careful. The footpath is very icy. You
                  I don’t want the children to play in this room. They something.

                • Complete the sentences using ‘might be able to …’ or ‘might have to …’ + a suitable verb.
                  • I can’t help you but why don’t you ask Jill? She you.
                    I can’t meet you this evening but I you tomorrow evening.
                    I’m not working on Saturday but I on Sunday.
                    George isn’t well. He to hospital for an operation.

                  • Write sentences with ‘may not’ or ‘might not’.
                    • I don’t know if Ann will come to the party.
                      Ann (might not)

                      • I don’t know if I’ll go out this evening.
                        I (may not)

                        • I don’t know if Tom will like the present I bought for him.
                          Tom (might not)

                          • I don’t know if Sue will be able to meet us this evening.
                            (may not)

                          • Read the situations and make sentences with ‘may / might as well’.
                            • You and a friend have just missed the bus. The buses run every hour.
                              You say: (might)
                              We’ll have to wait an hour for the next bus. We walk.

                              • You have a free ticket for a concert. You’re not very keen on the concert but you decide to go.
                                You say: (may)
                                I to the concert. It’s a pity to waste a free ticket.

                                • You’re in a cafe with a friend. You’ve finished your drinks. It’s a nice cafe and there is no reason to go now, so why not have another drink?
                                  You say: (might)
                                  We What would you like?

                                  • You and a friend are at home. You are bored. There’s a film on TV starting in a few minutes.
                                    You say: (may)
                                    We There’s nothing else to do.

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