Nov 16, 2016

UNIT 44 • It is said that... He is said to... (be) supposed to...

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  • Write these sentences in another way, beginning as shown. Use the underlined word in your sentence.
    • It is expected that the strike will end soon.
      The strike

      • It is expected that the weather will be good tomorrow.
        The weather

        • It is believed that the thieves got in through the kitchen window.
          The thieves

          • It is reported that many people are homeless after the floods.
            Many people

            • It is thought that the prisoner escaped by climbing over a wall.
              The prisoner

              • It is alleged that the man drove through the town at 90 miles an hour.
                The man

                • It is reported that the building has been badly damaged by fire.
                  The building

                  • It is said that the company is losing a lot of money.
                    The company

                    • It is believed that the company lost a lot of money last year.
                      The company

                      • It is expected that the company will lose money this year.
                        The company

                      • People say a lot of things about Arthur. Nobody knows for sure whether these things are true or not. Write sentences about Arthur using ‘(be) supposed to’.
                        • Arthur eats spiders.
                          Arthur is supposed

                          • He is very rich.
                            He is

                            • He writes poetry.

                              • He has 12 children.

                                • He robbed a bank a long time ago.
                                  He is supposed to have

                                • Now you have to use ‘(be) supposed to’ with its other meaning. In each example what happens is different from what is supposed to happen. Some of the sentences are negative. Use ‘(be) supposed to …’ + one of these verbs:

                                  arrive       ○      be       ○      block       ○      come       ○      park       ○      phone       ○      start
                                  • You here. It’s private parking only.
                                    The train at 11.30, but it was an hour late.
                                    What are the children doing at home? They at school at this time.
                                    We work at 8.15, but we rarely do anything before 8.30.
                                    This door is a fire exit. You it.
                                    Oh dear! I Ann but I completely forgot.
                                    They came very early—at 2 o’clock. They until 3.30.

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