Nov 16, 2016

UNIT 45 • Have something done

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  • Select the correct sentence, (a) or (b), for each picture.
    • SARAH (somebody is doing that)
      • Sarah is cutting her hair.
      • Sarah is having her hair cut.

    • BILL (he is doing that)
      • Bill is cutting his hair.
      • Bill is having his hair cut.

    • JOHN (he is doing that)
      • John is cleaning his shoes.
      • John is having his shoes cleaned.

    • SUE (somebody is doing that)
      • Sue is taking a photograph.
      • Sue is having her photograph taken.

  • Why did you do these things? Answer using ‘have something done’. Use one of these verbs:

    clean       ○      cut       ○      repair       ○      service
    • Why did you take your car to the garage?
      To have

      • Why did you take your jacket to the cleaner’s?

        • Why did you take your watch to the jeweller’s?

          • Why did you go to the hairdresser?

          • Write sentences in the way shown.
            • Jill didn’t repair the roof herself.

              • I didn’t cut my hair myself.

                • They didn’t paint the house themselves.

                  • Sue didn’t make the curtains herself.

                  • Use the words in brackets to complete the sentences. Use the structure ‘have something done’.
                    • We at the moment.
                      (the house / paint)

                      • I lost my key. I’ll have to
                        (another key / make.)

                        • When was the last time you
                          (your hair / cut?)

                          • You look different.
                            (you / your hair / cut?)

                            • to your house or do you go to the shop to buy one?
                              (you / a newspaper / deliver)

                              • A:       What are those workmen doing in your garden?
                                B:       Oh, (a swimming pool / build.)

                                • A:       Can I see the photographs you took when you were on holiday?
                                  B:       I’m afraid I (not / the film / develop yet.)

                                  • This coat is dirty. I must
                                    (it / clean.)

                                    • If you want to wear earrings, why don’t you
                                      (your ears / pierce?)

                                    • Now you have to use ‘have something done’ with its second meaning (see Section C).
                                      • George’s nose was broken in a fight.
                                        A:       What happened to George?
                                        B:       He had

                                        • Sarah’s bag was stolen on a train.
                                          A:       What happened to Sarah?
                                          B:       She

                                          • Fred’s hat was blown off in the wind.
                                            A:       What happened to Fred?

                                            • Diane’s passport was taken away from her by the police.
                                              A:       What happened to Diane?

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