Nov 22, 2016

UNIT 59 • Preposition (in / for / about etc.) + ~ing

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  • Complete the sentences so that they mean the same as the sentence(s) in italics.
    • Why is it useful to have a car?
      What are the advantages of

      • I don’t intend to lend you any money.
        I have no intention of

        • Helen has a good memory for names.
          Helen is good at

          • Mark won’t pass the exam. He has no chance.
            Mark has no chance of

            • Did you get into trouble because you were late?
              Did you get into trouble for

              • We didn’t eat at home. We went to a restaurant instead.
                Instead of

                • Tom thinks that working is better than doing nothing.
                  Tom prefers working to

                  • They got married. They didn’t tell any of their friends.
                    They got married without

                    • Our team played well but we lost the game.
                      Our team lost the game in spite of

                    • Complete the sentences using ‘by ~ing’. Use one of the following (with the verb in the correct form):

                      borrow too much money       ○      break a window       ○      drive too fast put some posters up on the walls       ○      stand on a chair       ○      turn a key
                      • The burglars got into the house
                        I was able to reach the top shelf
                        You start the engine of a car
                        Kevin got himself into financial difficulty
                        You can put people’s lives in danger
                        We made the room look nicer

                      • Complete the sentences with a suitable word. Use only one word each time.
                        • I ran ten kilometres without
                          He left the hotel without his bill.
                          It’s a nice morning. How about for a walk?
                          I was surprised that she left without goodbye to anyone.
                          Before to bed, I like to have a hot drink.
                          We were able to translate the letter into English without a dictionary.
                          It was a very long journey. I was very tired after on a train for 36 hours.
                          I was annoyed because the decision was made without anybody me.
                          After the same job for ten years, I felt I needed a change.

                        • For each, situation write a sentence with ‘I’m (not) looking forward to …’.
                          • A:       You are going on holiday next week. How do you feel about this?
                            B:       I’m

                            • A:       Diane is a good friend of yours and she is coming to visit you soon. So you will see her again soon. How do you feel about this?
                              B:       I’m

                              • A:       You are going to the dentist tomorrow. You don’t like visits to the dentist. How do you feel about this?
                                B:       I’m not

                                • A:       Carol is a student at school. She hates it but she is leaving school next summer. How does she feel about this?
                                  B:       She’s

                                  • A:       You’ve arranged to play tennis tomorrow. You like tennis. How do you feel about this?
                                    B:       I’m

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