Nov 22, 2016

UNIT 60 • Be / get used to something (I’m used to ...)

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  • Read the situations and complete the sentences. Use ‘(be / get) used to’ as in the example.
    • Jane is American. She came to Britain and at first she found driving on the left difficult. When she arrived in Britain, she on the left, but she soon it. Now she has no problems. She on the left.

      • Juan is Spanish and came to live in England. In Spain he always had dinner late in the evening, but in England dinner was at 6 o’clock. This was very early for him. When Juan first came to England, he dinner so early, but after some time he it. Now he finds it quite normal. He dinner at six o’clock.

        • Julia is a nurse. A year ago she started working nights. At first she found it hard. At first Julia didn’t like it. She nights and it took her a few months it. Now, after a year, she’s quite happy. She nights.

        • What do you say in these situations? Use ‘I’m (not) used to …’.
          • You live alone. You don’t mind this. You have always lived alone.
            FRIEND: Do you get a bit lonely sometimes?
            YOU: No, I’m

            • You steep on the floor. You don’t mind this. You have always slept on the floor.
              FRIEND: Wouldn’t you prefer to sleep in a bed?
              YOU: No, I’m

              • You have to work hard. This is not a problem for you. You have always worked hard.
                FRIEND: You have to work very hard in your job, don’t you?
                YOU: Yes, but I don’t mind that. I’m or I’m

                • You normally go to bed early. Last night you went to bed very late (for you) and as a result you are very tired this morning.
                  FRIEND: You look tired this morning.
                  YOU: Yes,

                • Read the situation and complete the sentences using ‘used to’.
                  • Some friends of yours have just moved into a flat on a busy street. It is very noisy.
                    They’ll have to

                    • Jack once went to the Middle East. It was very difficult for him at first because of the heat.
                      He wasn’t

                      • Sue moved from a big house to a much smaller one. She found it strange to live a smaller house at first.
                        She had to in a much smaller house.

                        • The children at school had a new teacher. She was different from the teacher before her but this wasn’t a problem for the children. The children soon their new teacher.

                          • Somebody from Britain is thinking of going to live in your country. Warn him or her about the weather!
                            You would have to

                          • (Section C) Complete the sentences using only one word each time.
                            • Jane had to get used  . . . 
                              to driving
                              on the left.
                              • to drive
                              • to driving

                            • We used  . . . 
                              to live
                              in a small village but now we live in London.
                              • to living
                              • to live

                            • Tom used  . . . 
                              to drink
                              a lot of coffee. Now he prefers tea.
                              • to drink
                              • to drinking

                            • I feel very full after that meal. I’m not used  . . . 
                              to eating
                              so much.
                              • to eat
                              • to eating

                            • I wouldn’t like to share an office. I’m used  . . . 
                              to having
                              my own office.
                              • to having
                              • to have

                            • I used  . . . 
                              to have
                              a car but I sold it a few months ago.
                              • to have
                              • to having

                            • When we were children, we used  . . . 
                              to go
                              swimming every day.
                              • to go
                              • to going

                            • There used  . . . 
                              to be
                              a cinema here but it was knocked down a few years ago.
                              • to be
                              • to being

                            • I’m the boss here! I’m not used  . . . 
                              to being
                              told what to do.
                              • to being
                              • to be

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