Nov 22, 2016

UNIT 61 • Verb + preposition + ~ing (succeed in ~ing / accuse somebody of ~ing etc.)

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  • Complete each sentence using only one word.
    • Our neighbours apologized for so much noise.
      I feel lazy. I don’t feel like any work.
      I wanted to go out alone but Joe insisted on with me.
      I’m fed up with my job. I’m thinking of something else.
      We have decided against a new car because we can’t really afford it.
      I hope you write to me soon. I’m looking forward to from you.
      The weather was extremely bad and this prevented us from out.
      The man who has been arrested is suspected of a false passport.
      I think you should apologize to Sue for so rude to her.
      Some parents don’t approve of their children a lot of television.
      I’m sorry I can’t come to your party but thank you very much for me.

    • Complete the sentences using a preposition + one of the following verbs (in the correct form):

      cause       ○      escape       ○      go       ○      help       ○      interrupt       ○      live       ○      play       ○      solve       ○      spend       ○      walk
      • Do you feel out this evening?
        It took us a long time but we finally succeeded the problem.
        I’ve always dreamed in a small house by the sea.
        The driver of the other car accused me the accident.
        There was a fence around the lawn to stop people on the grass.
        Forgive me you but may I ask you something?
        Where are you thinking your holiday this year?
        The guards weren’t able to prevent the prisoner
        I wanted to cook the meal by myself but Dave insisted me.
        I’m sorry we’ve had to cancel our game of tennis tomorrow. I was really looking forward

      • Complete the sentences on the right.
        • George: It was nice of you to help me. Thanks very much.
          George thanked

          • Tom: I’ll drive you to the station, Ann. I insist.
            Tom insisted

            • Jim: Congratulations!
              Jim congratulated me

              • Mrs Bond: It was nice of you to come to see me. Thank you, Sue.
                Mrs Bond thanked

                • You: Don’t stay at the hotel near the airport, Jack.
                  I warned

                  • Mary: I’m sorry I didn’t phone you earlier.
                    Mary apologised

                    • Jane: You’re selfish.
                      Jane accused

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