Nov 23, 2016

UNIT 62 • Expressions + ~ing

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  • Complete the sentences on the right.
    • A:       Shall we get a taxi home?
      B:       No, it isn’t far. It’s not worth

      • A:       If you need help, why don’t you ask Tom?
        B:       It’s no use He won’t be able to help us.

        • A:       I don’t really want to go out tonight.
          B:       Well, stay at home! There’s no point if you don’t want to.

          • A:       Shall I phone Ann now?
            B:       No, it’s no good She won’t be at home.

            • A:       Are you going to complain about what happened?
              B:       No, it’s not worth Nobody will do anything about it.

              • A:       Do you ever read newspapers?
                B:       No. I think it’s a waste

              • Make sentences with ‘worth ~ing’ or ‘not worth ~ing’. Choose one of these verbs:

                consider       ○      keep       ○      read       ○      repair       ○      see       ○      visit
                • The film isn’t very good. It’s not
                  It would cost too much to repair this watch. It’s
                  If you have time, you should go to the museum. It’s
                  It’s quite an interesting suggestion. It’s
                  There’s an interesting article in the paper today. It’s
                  We can throw these old clothes away. They’re

                • Make sentences beginning ‘There’s no point …’.
                  • Why have a car if you never use it?

                    • Don’t eat if you’re not hungry.

                      • Why work if you don’t need money?

                        • Don’t study if you feel tired.

                        • Write sentences using ‘have difficulty doing (something)’.
                          • I managed to get a visa but it was difficult.
                            I had

                            • I can’t remember people’s names.

                              • Lucy managed to get a job without difficulty.
                                She had no

                                • Do you find it difficult to understand him?
                                  Do you

                                  • It won’t be difficult to get a ticket for the concert.
                                    You won’t have any

                                  • Complete the sentences. Use only one word each time.
                                    • It’s a waste of money things you don’t need.
                                      Every morning I spend about an hour the newspaper.
                                      ‘What’s Carol doing?’ ~ ‘She’s busy letters.’
                                      I think you waste too much time television.
                                      There’s a beautiful view from that hill. It is worth to the top.

                                    • Complete these sentences with one of the following (with the verb in the correct form):

                                      go skiing       ○      go shopping       ○      go swimming       ○      go sailing       ○      go riding
                                      • Barry lives by the sea and he’s got a boat, so he often
                                        There’s plenty of snow in the mountains so we’ll be able to
                                        It was a very hot day, so we in the river.
                                        Margaret has got two horses. She often
                                        The shops are shut now. It’s too late to

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