Nov 29, 2016

UNIT 67 • ~ing clauses (Feeling tired, I went to bed early.)

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  • Join a sentence from Box A with one from Box B to make one sentence. Use an ‘~ing’ clause.
    • Carol was in the bar. She was having a drink.
      Carol was

      • Emma was sitting in an armchair. She was reading a book.
        Emma was

        • Sue got home late. She was feeling very tired.

          • Sarah went out. She said she would be back in an hour.

            • Linda was in London for two years. She worked as a tourist guide.

              • Mary walked round the town. She looked at the sights and took photographs.

              • Make one sentence from two using an ‘~ing’ clause.
                • Jim was playing tennis. He hurt his arm.
                  Jim hurt

                  • I was watching television. I fell asleep.
                    I fell

                    • The man slipped. He was getting off a bus.
                      The man

                      • I was walking home in the rain. I got wet.
                        I got

                        • Margaret was driving to work yesterday. She had an accident.
                          Margaret had

                          • Two firemen were overcome by smoke. They were trying to put out the fire.
                            Two firemen

                          • Make sentences beginning ‘Having (done something)’.
                            • She finished her work. Then she went home.

                              • We bought our tickets. Then we went into the theatre.

                                • They continued their Journey after they’d had dinner.

                                  • After Lucy had done all her shopping, she went for a cup of coffee.

                                  • Make sentences beginning ‘~ing’ or ‘Not ~ing’ (like those in Section D). Sometimes you need to begin with ‘Having (done something)’.
                                    • I felt tired. So I went to bed early.

                                      • I thought they might be hungry. So I offered them something to eat.

                                        • She is a foreigner. So she needs a visa to stay in this country.

                                          • I didn’t know his address. So I wasn’t able to contact him.

                                            • Sarah has travelled a lot. So she knows a lot about other countries.

                                              • The man wasn’t able to understand English. So he didn’t know what I wanted.
                                                Not being

                                                • We had spent nearly all our money. So we couldn’t afford to stay in a hotel.

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