Dec 5, 2016

UNIT 79 • Noun + noun (‘a tennis ball / a headache’ etc.)

12 cards
, 35 answers
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  • What do we call these things and people? Use the structure ‘noun + noun’.
    • A ticket for a concert is
      A magazine about computers is
      Photographs taken on your holiday are your
      Chocolate made with milk is
      Somebody whose job is to inspect factories is
      A hotel in central London is
      The results of your examinations are your
      The carpet in the dining room is
      A scandal involving a football club is
      A question that has two parts is
      A girl who is seven years old is

    • Write the correct word for each picture. Each word has two parts and these are given above the pictures. In 1a for example, you must decide whether the word is ‘boathouse’ or ‘houseboat’.

      • 1a. (boat / house)
        1b. (boat / house)

        • 2a. (horse / race)
          2b. (horse / race)

          • 3a. (card / phone)
            3b. (card / phone)

          • Answer the questions using two of the following words each time:

            accident       ○      belt       ○      card       ○      credit       ○      editor       ○      forecast       ○      number       ○      road       ○      room       ○      seat       ○      shop       ○      weather       ○      window       ○      newspaper
            • This can be caused by bad driving.

              • If you’re staying at a hotel, you need to remember this.

                • You should wear this when you’re in a car.

                  • You can sometimes use this to pay for things instead of cash.

                    • If you want to know if it’s going to rain, you can read or listen to this.

                      • This person is a top journalist.

                        • You might stop to look in this when you’re walking along a street.

                        • Complete the sentences using one of the following. Sometimes you need the singular (‘day / page’ etc.) and sometimes the plural (‘days / pages’ etc.)

                          15 minute(s)       ○      60 minute(s)       ○      two hour(s)       ○      five day(s)       ○      two year(s)       ○      500 year(s)       ○      six mile(s)       ○      20 pound(s)       ○      five course(s)       ○      ten page(s)       ○      450 page(s)
                          • It’s quite a long book. There are .
                            A few days ago I received a letter from Julia.
                            I didn’t have any change. I only had a note.
                            At work in the morning I usually have a break for coffee.
                            There are in an hour.
                            It’s only a flight from London to Madrid.
                            It was a big meal. There were
                            Mary has just started a new job. She’s got a contract.
                            The oldest building in the city is the old castle.
                            I work a week. Saturday and Sunday are free.
                            We went for a walk in the country.

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