Dec 5, 2016

UNIT 80 • ~s (the girl’s name) and of... (the name of the book)

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  • Join the two (or three) nouns. Sometimes you have to use ‘~’s’ or ‘~s’’; and sometimes you have to use ‘… of …’.

    • the owner / that car

      • the mother / Ann

        • the jacket / that man

          • the top / the page

            • the daughter / Charles

              • the cause / the problem

                • the newspaper / yesterday

                  • the birthday / my father

                    • the name / this street

                      • the toys / the children

                        • or

                          the new manager / the company

                          • the result / the football match

                            • the garden / our neighbours

                              • the ground floor / the building

                                • the children / Don and Mary

                                  • or

                                    the economic policy / the government

                                    • the husband / Catherine

                                      • the husband / the woman talking to Mary

                                        • the car / the parents / Mike

                                          • the wedding / the friend I Helen

                                          • What is another way of saying these things? Use ‘~’s’.
                                            • a hat for a woman —
                                              a name for a boy —
                                              clothes for children —
                                              a school for girls —
                                              a nest for a bird —
                                              a magazine for women —

                                            • Read each sentence and write a new sentence beginning with the underline words.
                                              • The meeting tomorrow has been cancelled.

                                                • The storm last week caused a lot of damage.

                                                  • The only cinema in the town has closed down.

                                                    • Exports from Britain to the United States have fallen recently.

                                                      • Tourism is the main industry in the region.

                                                      • Use the information given to complete the sentences.
                                                        • If I leave my house at 9 o’clock and drive to London, I arrive at about 12.
                                                          So it’s about to London from my house. (drive)

                                                          • If I leave my house at 8.55 and walk-to the station, I get there at 9 o’clock.
                                                            So it’s only from my house to the station. (walk)
                                                            So it’s only from my house to the station. (walk)

                                                            • I’m going on holiday on the 12th. I have to be back at work on the 26th.
                                                              So I’ve got (holiday)
                                                              So I’ve got (holiday)

                                                              • I went to sleep at 3 o’clock this morning and woke up an hour later. After that I couldn’t sleep.
                                                                So last night I only had (sleep)

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