Nov 10, 2016

UNIT 8 • Present perfect (2) (I have done)

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  • You are asking somebody questions about things he or she has done. Make questions from the words in brackets.

    • ever / ride / horse?

      • ever / be / California?

        • ever / run / marathon?

          • ever / speak / famous person?

            • always / live / in this town?

              • What
                most beautiful place / ever / visit?

              • Complete B’s answers. Some sentences are positive and some negative. Use a verb from this list:

                be       ○      be       ○      eat       ○      happen       ○      have       ○      meet       ○      play       ○      read       ○      see       ○      see       ○      try

                • A:       What’s George’s sister like?
                  B:       I’ve no idea. her.

                  • A:       How is Amy these days?
                    B:       I don’t know. I her recently.

                    • A:       Are you hungry?
                      B:       Yes. I much today.

                      • A:       Can you play chess?
                        B:       Yes, but it for ages.

                        • A:       Did you enjoy your holiday?
                          B:       Yes, it’s the best holiday for a long time.

                          • A:       What’s that book like?
                            B:       I don’t know.

                            • A:       Is Brussels an interesting place?
                              B:       I’ve no idea there.

                              • A:       Mike was late for work again today.
                                B:       Again? He every day this week.

                                • A:       Do you like caviar?
                                  B:       I don’t know.

                                  • A:       The car broke down again yesterday.
                                    B:       Not again! That’s the second time this week.

                                    • A:       Who’s that woman by the door?
                                      B:       I don’t know. her before.

                                    • Complete these sentences using ‘today’, ‘this year’, ‘this term’ etc.
                                      • I saw Tom yesterday but
                                        I read a newspaper yesterday but today.
                                        Last year the company made a profit but this year
                                        Tracy worked hard at school last term but
                                        It snowed a lot last winter but
                                        Our football team won a lot of games last season but

                                      • Read the situations and write sentences as shown in the examples.
                                        • Jack is driving a car but he’s very nervous and not sure what to do.
                                          You ask:      
                                          He says:      

                                          • Len is playing tennis. He’s not very good and he doesn’t know the rules.
                                            You ask:       Have
                                            He says:       No, this is the first

                                            • Sue is riding a horse. She doesn’t look very confident or comfortable.
                                              You ask:      
                                              She says:      

                                              • Maria is in London. She has just arrived and it’s very new for her.
                                                You ask:      
                                                She says:      

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