Dec 12, 2016

UNIT 94 • Relative clauses (4) — ‘extra information’ clauses (1)

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  • Make one sentence from two. Use the sentence in brackets to make a relative clause (Type 2). Sometimes the clause goes in the middle of the sentence, sometimes at the end. You will need to use ‘who(m)’, ‘whose’, ‘which’, ‘where’.
    • Ann is very friendly. (She lives next door.)

      • We stayed at the Grand Hotel. (Ann recommended it to us.)
        We stayed at the Grand Hotel,

        • We went to Sandra’s party. (We enjoyed it very much.)
          We went to Sandra’s party,

          • I went to see the doctor. (He told me to rest for a few days.)
            I went to see the doctor,

            • John is one of my closest friends. (I have known him for a very long time.)

              • Sheila is away from home a lot. (Her job involves a lot of travelling.)

                • The new stadium will be opened next month. (It can hold 90,000 people.)
                  The new stadium,

                  • We often go to visit our friends in Bristol. (It is only 30 miles away.)
                    We often go to visit our friends in Bristol,

                    • Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland. (My brother lives there.)

                    • Read the information and complete the sentences. Use a relative clause. Sometimes the clause tells us which thing or person (Type 1); sometimes it only gives us extra information (Type 2). Use commas where necessary.
                      • There’s a woman living next door. She’s a doctor.
                        The woman

                        • I’ve got a brother called Jim. He lives in London. He’s a doctor.
                          My brother Jim,

                          • There was a strike at the car factory. It lasted ten days. It is now over.
                            The strike at the car factory,

                            • I was looking for a book this morning. I’ve found it now.
                              I’ve found the book
                              I’ve found the book

                              • London was once the largest city in the world, but the population is now falling.
                                The population of London,

                                • A job was advertised. A lot of people applied for it. Few of them had the necessary qualifications.
                                  Few of the people
                                  Few of the people

                                  • Margaret has a son. She showed me a photograph of him. He’s a policeman.
                                    Margaret showed me

                                  • In some of these sentences you can use ‘which’ or ‘that’; in others, only ‘which’ is possible. Put commas (‘,’) where necessary.
                                    • Jane works for a  . . . 
                                      company which
                                      makes shoes.
                                      • company which
                                      • company that
                                      • company, which
                                      • company, that

                                    • Colin told me about his new  . . . 
                                      job, which
                                      he’s enjoying very much.
                                      • job which
                                      • job that
                                      • job, which
                                      • job, that

                                    • My  . . . 
                                      office, which
                                      is on the second floor of the  . . . 
                                      building, is
                                      very small.
                                      • office thatbuilding is
                                      • office whichbuilding is
                                      • office, thatbuilding, is
                                      • office, whichbuilding, is

                                    • The  . . . 
                                      office that
                                      I’m using at the moment is very small.
                                      • office which
                                      • office that
                                      • office, which
                                      • office, that

                                    • She told me her  . . . 
                                      address, which
                                      I wrote down on a piece of paper.
                                      • address that
                                      • address which
                                      • address, that
                                      • address, which

                                    • There are some  . . . 
                                      words which
                                      are very difficult to translate.
                                      • words which
                                      • words that
                                      • words, which
                                      • words, that

                                    • The  . . . 
                                      sun, which
                                      is one of millions of stars in the  . . . 
                                      universe, provides
                                      us with heat and light.
                                      • sun whichuniverse, provides
                                      • sun thatuniverse, provides
                                      • sun, whichuniverse provides
                                      • sun, thatuniverse provides

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