Dec 13, 2016

UNIT 95 • Relative clauses (5) — ‘extra information’ clauses (2)

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  • Make two sentences from one using a relative clause. Use the sentence in brackets to make the relative clause.
    • Mr Carter is very interested in our plan. (I spoke to him on the phone last night.)
      Mr Carter,
      Mr Carter,

      • This is a photograph of our friends. (We went on holiday with these friends.)
        This is a photograph of our friends,
        This is a photograph of our friends,

        • The wedding took place last Friday. (Only members of the family were invited to it.)
          The wedding,
          The wedding,

          • Sheila finally arrived. (We had been waiting for her.)

            • We climbed to the top of the tower. (We had a beautiful view from there.)
              We climbed to the top of the tower,
              We climbed to the top of the tower,

            • Write sentences with ‘all of’, ‘most of’ etc. + ‘whom’, ‘which’.
              • Mary has three brothers. (All of her brothers are married.)
                Mary has three

                • We were given a lot of information. (Most of the information was useless.)
                  We were given

                  • There were a lot of people at the party. (I had met only a few of these people before.)
                    There were a lot of

                    • I have sent her two letters. (She has received neither of these letters.)
                      I have sent her two

                      • Ten people applied for the job. (None of these people were suitable.)
                        Ten people

                        • Kate has got two cars. (She hardly ever uses one of them.)
                          Kate has got

                          • Norman won 50,000 pounds. (He gave half of this to his parents.)

                            • Julia has two sisters. (Both of her sisters are teachers.)

                            • Join a sentence from Box A with a sentence from Box B to make a new sentence. Use ‘which’.

                              1.       Sheila couldn’t come to party.
                              2.       Jill isn’t on the phone.
                              3.       Nell has passed his examinations.
                              4.       Our flight was delayed.
                              5.       Ann offered to let me stay in her house.
                              6.       The street I live in is very noisy at night.
                              7.       Our car has broken down.

                              1.       This was very nice of her.
                              2.       This means we can’t go away tomorrow.
                              3.       This makes it difficult to contact her.
                              4.       This makes it difficult to steep.
                              5.       This was a pity.
                              6.       This is good news.
                              7.       This meant we had to wait four hours at the airport.
                              • Sheila couldn’t come to the party,
                                Jill isn’t
                                Our flight
                                The street
                                Our car

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