Jun 7, 2016

Lesson 18: Essential Words for the TOEFL

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    absurd       ○      abuse       ○      allocation       ○      balanced       ○      conservation       ○      fallacious       ○      feasible       ○      lack       ○      limber       ○      means       ○      narrow       ○      preconception       ○      robust       ○      steady       ○      swift

    [adj.] clearly false, without reason
    [Syn.] ridiculous

    [adv.] absurdly
    [n.] absurdity

    Confidentially, I think his suggestion is absurd.
    They are absurdly irrational about the issue.

    [n.] the act of using or treating things in an incorrect way
    [Syn.] misuse

    [adv.] abusively
    [adj.] abusive
    [v.] abuse

    The constant abuse of the environment will have grave consequences in the future.
    He received an abusive letter from an irate citizen.

    [n.] a share; a part set aside for a special purpose; an assignment of portions
    [Syn.] distribution

    [adj.] allocated
    [v.] allocate

    His allocation of materials was gradually used up.
    Allocating office space in the building was a difficult task.

    [adj.] a state where everything is of the same size or weight; an element on one side that counters an equal element on the other
    [Syn.] equalized

    [v.] balance
    [n.] balance

    He made a balanced presentation of both points of view.
    The museum contains a pleasant balance of paintings from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

    [n.] the act of using carefully; setting aside for future use
    * favoring traditional values
    [Syn.] preservation

    [v.] conserve
    [n.] conservative*
    [n.] conservationist
    [n.] conservatism*

    Conservation of forest land is the primary objective of the National Forest Service.
    The Republican party is generally known to be more conservative than the Democratic party.

    [adj.] having errors
    [Syn.] incorrect

    [adv.] fallaciously
    [n.] fallacy

    Her fallacious argument could not be defended.
    It is a fallacy to think that money will bring you happiness.

    [adj.] able to be done
    [Syn.] possible

    [adv.] feasibly
    [n.] feasibility

    It is a feasible design for the high-rise building.
    Before they begin the project, a study must be done of its feasibility.

    [n.] a need for; an insufficient amount
    [Syn.] shortage

    [v.] lack

    There was an inordinate lack of rain last fall.
    The mathematician lacked communication skills.

    [adj.] to be stretched, easily shaped
    [Syn.] flexible

    The dancer has a limber body.
    She was able to make the limber movements that are required of gymnasts.

    [n.] ways
    [Syn.] methods

    He was told to finish the joy by any means available to him.
    The most convenient means of communicating with someone is by phone.

    [adj.] small from one side to the other; limited
    [Syn.] thin

    [adv.] narrowly
    [n.] narrowness

    The canal was extremely narrow.
    The driver narrowly escaped injury when his car went off the road.

    [n.] an opinion formed in advance without experience or knowledge of something
    [Syn.] bias

    [adj.] preconceived
    [v.] preconceive

    It is difficult to overcome preconceptions if we are not open to new ideas.
    His preconceived notions about Los Angeles disappeared after he visited the city.

    [adj.] showing good health; in good shape
    [Syn.] energetic

    [adv.] robustly
    [n.] robustness

    The robust economy is expected to continue growing quickly.
    The new product is selling robustly.

    [adj.] firm; in a fixed position; without change; reliable, dependable
    [Syn.] constant

    [adv.] steadily
    [v.] steady
    [n.] steadiness

    Steady growth is projected for companies involved in genetic engineering.
    The secretary has steadily earned respect for her work.

    [adj.] quick
    [Syn.] fast

    [adv.] swiftly
    [n.] swiftness

    The contestants were swift thinkers.
    They swiftly agreed with the conclusion of the report.

  • Choose the synonym.
    1. preconception
      1. expansion
      2. bias
      3. function
      4. disapproval

    2. steady
      1. constant
      2. ample
      3. arid
      4. nominal

    3. robust
      1. energetic
      2. flexible
      3. narrow
      4. ridiculous

    4. fast
      1. swift
      2. spacious
      3. intrinsic
      4. vital

    5. balanced
      1. rigid
      2. documented
      3. fundamental
      4. equalized

    6. distribution
      1. shortage
      2. allocation
      3. methods
      4. disapproval

    7. fallacious
      1. inordinate
      2. incorrect
      3. unwarranted
      4. inevitable

    8. conservation
      1. preservation
      2. exportation
      3. agitation
      4. documentation

    9. feasible
      1. absurd
      2. possible
      3. limber
      4. selective

    10. abuse
      1. involve
      2. agitate
      3. misuse
      4. disperse

  • Choose the word that is closest in meaning to the underlined word in the sentence.
    1. In a television receiver, a narrow beam of electrons bombards the back of a screen in a scanning motion.
      1. steady
      2. balanced
      3. thin
      4. negative

    2. There are many means of converting mechanical energy into thermal energy.
      1. descriptions
      2. methods
      3. theories
      4. benefits

    3. Many delegates to the First Continental Congress felt that it would have been absurd not to give a forceful response to England’s closing of the port of Boston.
      1. ridiculous
      2. difficult
      3. feasible
      4. incorrect

    4. Gymnasts perform athletic feats that requite a well-toned, limber body.
      1. flexible
      2. slender
      3. tiny
      4. strong

    5. The lack of water has been a major factor in industrial growth.
      1. use
      2. abuse
      3. shortage
      4. distribution

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