Jun 7, 2016

Lesson 19: Essential Words for the TOEFL

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    antiquated       ○      coherent       ○      develop       ○      fabricate       ○      investigation       ○      normally       ○      notice       ○      notion       ○      novel       ○      opposition       ○      record       ○      relate       ○      suspect       ○      unbiased       ○      varied

    [adj.] too old to be presently useful; outmoded
    [Syn.] old-fashioned

    [n.] antique

    This antiquated machinery breaks down too frequently.
    Their home is filled with antique furniture.

    [adj.] well reasoned; ideas that are clearly presented
    * sticking together as a group
    [Syn.] logical

    [adv.] coherently
    [v.] cohere
    [n.] coherence
    [adj.] cohesive*
    [n.] cohesion

    It was a well-balanced, coherent presentation.
    There was a cohesive feeling among the new works.

    [v.] to grow; to increase; to become more complete
    [Syn.] evolve

    [adj.] developing
    [n.] development
    [n.] developer

    The management team developed the idea over a period of years.
    The country’s prospects for rapid development depend on approval of the free trade agreement.

    [v.] to make up, usually with an intent to fool or trick; to lie
    [Syn.] invent

    [adj.] fabricated
    [n.] fabrication

    The executive fabricated the story about the merger.
    His alibi is the weakest fabrication I have ever heard.

    [n.] a careful examination in order to determine facts
    [Syn.] probe

    [adj.] investigative
    [v.] investigate
    [n.] investigator

    The comprehensive investigation of the bank revealed no illegal activity.
    Some members of the Senate wanted to appoint a special investigator.

    [adv.] commonly, usually
    [Syn.] typically

    [adj.] normal
    [v.] normalize
    [n.] normalization
    [n.] norm

    It is normally quite cold this time of the year.
    The new treaty leads to a normalization of relations between the two countries.

    [v.] to sense; to be aware
    [Syn.] observe

    [adv.] noticeably
    [adj.] noticeable
    [n.] notice

    The doctor noticed a small fracture in the patient’s finger.
    The weather was noticeably cooler.

    [n.] an idea, belief, or opinion
    [Syn.] concept

    She has the notion that she wants to become an architect.
    Some outlandish notions about the origin of the solar system have been disproved.

    [adj.] something unusual, uncommon; new
    [Syn.] original

    The physicist had some novel ideas about traveling at the speed of light.
    The novel suggestions were implemented.

    [n.] the state of acting against; not being in agreement
    [Syn.] resistance

    [adj.] oppositional
    [v.] oppose

    The students voiced their opposition to the rise in tuition.
    The government opposed price controls.

    [v.] to make a written or oral notation; to copy
    [Syn.] register

    [adj.] recorded
    [n.] record
    [n.] recording
    [n.] recorder

    The coldest temperatures in the United States have been recorded at International Fails, Minnesota.
    Many businesses are using recordings to answer consumer questions.

    [v.] to tell; to show a connection between two things
    [Syn.] communicate

    [adj.] related
    [n.] relation
    [n.] relationship

    Although they did not agree with the plan, they did not relate their opposition to it.
    What is the relationship between supply and demand?

    [v.] to think that something is true, but having no proof
    [Syn.] speculate

    [adj.] suspected
    [n.] suspicion
    [n.] suspect

    He suspected that the substance was not present in the compound.
    I have a suspicion that he will want to participate in the investigation.

    [adj.] with no preconceptions
    [Syn.] objective

    Her unbiased analysis of the problem allowed her to find the solution more rapidly.
    Here is unbiased proof that nitrogen exists in this compound.

    [adj.] being of many different types
    [Syn.] diverse

    [adv.] variably
    [adj.] variable
    [adj.] various
    [v.] vary
    [n.] variant
    [n.] variety
    [n.] variation
    [n.] variability

    The class expressed varied opinions about the movie.
    There are various ways to solve the problem.

  • Choose the synonym.
    1. fabricate
      1. observe
      2. invent
      3. agitate
      4. convey

    2. coherent
      1. novel
      2. original
      3. logical
      4. robust

    3. resistance
      1. opposition
      2. preservation
      3. preconception
      4. allocation

    4. evolve
      1. develop
      2. elude
      3. involve
      4. influence

    5. varied
      1. diverse
      2. feasible
      3. hazardous
      4. nominal

    6. register
      1. harbor
      2. notice
      3. encompass
      4. record

    7. probe
      1. expansion
      2. means
      3. investigation
      4. abuse

    8. communicate
      1. inundate
      2. allocate
      3. relate
      4. oppose

    9. suspect
      1. select
      2. confide
      3. speculate
      4. bias

    10. unbiased
      1. antiquated
      2. postponed
      3. exhausted
      4. objective

  • Choose the word that is closest in meaning to the underlined word in the sentence.
    1. The fire salamander is so called because of an antiquated belief that it could withstand fire.
      1. a well-developed
      2. an old-fashioned
      3. a carefully fabricated
      4. a widely held

    2. Because of his novel approaches to scientific problem, Edison was able to patent dozens of inventions.
      1. original
      2. varied
      3. coherent
      4. unbiased

    3. The classical economic theory explaining consumer behavior is built on the notion of marginal utility.
      1. investigation
      2. concept
      3. effectiveness
      4. opposition

    4. In deep water, tidal waves are so long and so slight that ships seldom notice their presence.
      1. suspect
      2. relate
      3. record
      4. observe

    5. The human adult heart is normally the size of a clenched fist and weighs about
      300 grams.
      1. roughly
      2. actually
      3. scarcely
      4. typically

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