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UNIT 18: Essential English Words (Book 1)

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  • Learn the following target words.

    argue v.
    To argue is to angrily speak to someone because you do not agree.
    We argued about where to go for dinner.

    communicate v.
    To communicate is to give information by talking, writing, etc.
    I communicated with Paul about his new ideas.

    crowd n.
    A crowd is a large group of people.
    A large crowd had gathered on the street to see the accident.

    depend v.
    To depend on someone or something is to need them.
    Children depend on their parents for many things.

    dish n.
    A dish is a plate.
    She put a clean white dish on the table.

    empty adj.
    If something is empty, it does not have anything in it.
    My gas tank was almost empty, so I couldn’t drive my car very long.

    exact adj.
    If something is exact, it is just the right amount.
    Please use the exact amount of sugar for the cake.

    fresh adj.
    If something is fresh, it is new.
    I just bought these oranges. They are very fresh.

    gather v.
    To gather is to collect several things usually from different places.
    Sam gathered some flowers for his mother.

    indicate v.
    To indicate means to show, point or make something clear.
    He pointed to his eyes to indicate where he had hurt himself.

    item n.
    An item is a thing that you buy or sell.
    I have many items for school in my bag.

    offer v.
    To offer is to present someone with something.
    He offered me the keys to his car.

    price n.
    The price of something is how much it costs.
    What is the price of this item?

    product n.
    A product is something that is made.
    My sister has many beauty products in her room.

    property n.
    Property is something that someone owns.
    The house is now my property.

    purchase v.
    To purchase something is to buy it.
    I recently purchased a new car.

    recommend v.
    To recommend something is to say that someone should do it.
    My doctor recommended that I get some exercise.

    select v.
    To select something is to choose it.
    I hope that I selected the right answers on the test.

    tool n.
    A tool is something that helps you do a task.
    We used a tool to fix the window.

    treat v.
    To treat is to act in a certain way toward someone.
    The cats treated the mouse very nicely.
    • Choose the right definition for the given word.
      • crowd
        • a sign
        • 100 years
        • a group of people
        • a flat piece of wood

      • dish
        • something no one knows
        • a grown person
        • a plate
        • an answer

      • communicate
        • to talk
        • to shut
        • to go to where you can’t be seen

      • item
        • a thing
        • a place to watch a show
        • a path
        • someone who keeps the law

      • select
        • to change
        • to keep doing something
        • to choose
        • to fight

      • price
        • how much something costs
        • a sweet candy
        • a music show
        • a school

      • empty
        • in your mind
        • not containing anything
        • easy to see
        • sick

      • depend
        • to move forward
        • to jump
        • to look at something
        • to need someone or something

      • tool
        • something you study
        • a group of players
        • something that helps you do a task
        • a loud noise

      • exact
        • from a place nearby
        • not on the top
        • not light
        • d. the perfect amount

    • Write a word that is similar in meaning to the underlined part.
      • The company’s things that it makes are very useful in the kitchen.

        • Do not disagree with your sister.

          • We can talk by phone,

            • Why don’t you present her a fair price for her house?

              • I suggest the oranges. They are delicious!

              • Fill in the blanks with the correct words from the word bank.

                WORD BANK

                treated       ○      select       ○      fresh       ○      dish       ○      gathered
                • Today, my friend me so nicely. First, he gave me some beautiful flowers. Next, he asked me to any DVD from the store, and he bought it for me! Later when we got home, he made me close my eyes. When I opened them, I saw a great meal on a pretty There was even a vase full of flowers that he had from earlier that day. I will never forget this wonderful day.

                • Read the story aloud. Pay attention to the bolded words.

                  The Little Red Chicken

                  A little red chicken had a store in a small town. She sold many different items to people in the town. The people loved her products.

                  One day, a cat came to her property. He saw the sign that indicated where the chicken’s store was located. He wanted to purchase bread, but the chicken’s store was almost empty. She had only a bag of wheat*.

                  “You can use the wheat to make bread,” the chicken said.

                  “No, I don’t want to work,” the cat said. “I just want to buy bread.” The cat became angry and left the store.

                  Later, the little red chicken saw the cat in a crowd.

                  “I will help you make the bread,” she said.

                  But the cat treated her badly. He did not even communicate with her. He did not want to do any work.

                  So the chicken decided to make the bread. She selected the exact amount of wheat to make fresh bread. She used a stone to pound the wheat to get it ready. Soon, her bread was ready.

                  The cat came and saw the bread on a dish.

                  “Give me some of your bread,” he said.

                  “No,” said the little red chicken. “You did not help me make the bread. So you shall not have any to eat.”

                  The cat argued with the chicken. He tried to offer a price for it. But the little red chicken did not want to sell her bread.

                  “Don’t depend on others to do work for you,” said the little red chicken.

                  “Then how will I get bread?” the cat asked.

                  “I recommend doing some work,” said the little red chicken. “Use a tool to plant your own wheat. When it grows big, you can gather it and make your own bread. You need to learn to do work for what you want.”

                  *wheat — a type of plant used to make bread
                  • Reading comprehension. Asses your understanding of the story by answering the questions below.
                    • What did the cat do when he saw the fresh bread?
                      • He selected the product for himself.
                      • He tried to buy some of it for a price.
                      • He asked why her store was empty.
                      • He brought a crowd of friends with him to eat.

                    • What is the story about?
                      • The exact amount of wheat needed to make bread.
                      • A chicken making bread out of wheat.
                      • A chicken finding a friend to depend on.
                      • Why a cat’s store did not have any items.

                    • How did the cat find the chicken’s store?
                      • He saw a stone with the store’s name.
                      • His friend told him to purchase bread there.
                      • He saw a sign that indicated her property.
                      • He saw tools being sold outside of the store.

                    • What did the cat do when the chicken asked him to help make the bread?
                      • He did not communicate with her.
                      • He said that he would gather all the things needed to make the bread.
                      • He treated her very nicely.
                      • He argued with the little red chicken.

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