Nov 28, 2016

UNIT 65 • To ... (afraid to do) and preposition + ~ing (afraid of ~ing)

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  • Read the situation and use the words in brackets to write a sentence with ‘afraid’.
    • The streets are unsafe at night.

      a lot of people / afraid / go / out

      • We walked very carefully along the icy path.

        we / afraid / fall

        • I don’t usually carry my passport with me.

          I / afraid / lose / it

          • The sea was very rough.

            we / afraid / go / swimming

            • We rushed to the station.

              we / afraid / miss / our train

              • In the middle of the film there was a particularly horrifying scene.

                we / afraid / look

                • The glasses were very full, so Jane carried them very carefully.

                  she / afraid / spill / the drinks

                  • I didn’t like the look of the food on my plate.

                    I / afraid / eat / it

                    I / afraid / make / myself ill

                  • Complete the sentences using one of these verbs:

                    buy       ○      get       ○      go       ○      hear       ○      read       ○      start
                    • I’m trying to sell my car but nobody is interested it.
                      Julia is interested her own business.
                      I was interested your letter in the newspaper last week.
                      Bill wants to stay single. He’s not interested married.
                      You must tell me what you think. I’m always interested your opinion.
                      There’s a party tonight but I’m not interested

                    • Complete the sentences using the verb in brackets.
                      • I’m sorry at you yesterday. (shout)
                        Sorry you but have you got a pen I could borrow? (disturb)
                        Sorry late last night. I didn’t realize the time. (be)
                        I’m sorry what I said yesterday. I didn’t really mean it. (say)
                        ‘I’ve just had my exam results. I failed.’ ~ ‘Oh? I’m sorry that.’ (hear)

                      • Complete the sentences using the verb in brackets.
                        • We wanted the building. (leave)
                          We weren’t allowed the building. (leave)
                          We were prevented the building. (leave)

                          • Fred failed the problem. (solve)
                            Amy succeeded the problem. (solve)

                            • I’m thinking away next week. (go)
                              I’m hoping away next week. (go)
                              I’m looking forward away next week. (go)
                              I’d like away next week. (go)

                              • Mary promised me a drink. (buy)
                                Mary insisted me a drink. (buy)
                                Mary wouldn’t dream me a drink. (buy)
                                Mary wanted me a drink. (buy)

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